Weighing in at a wiry 155 pounds, Rishi is competing for the featherweight Mr. Marina crown.  American by birth, Southern by the grace of God, brown due to a tanning bed addiction. Despite his techie roommates’ protests, Rishi insists he lives in the Marina, channeling his inner Sarah Palin, "it's the Marina, I can see Bar None from my house!"   An MIT grad with degrees in finance and mathematics, no one has ever accused him of being “cool” or “down with it,” but he hopes dancing on-stage in front of a thousand people will help his social anxiety.  When he's not helping Marina bars meet diversity quotas, you can find him cooking up a storm, making excuses to wear a tux, riding his motorcycle (safely, hi mom!) or at his finance job in NoMa (Not the Marina). Hopefully he hasn't been deported by the time the competition rolls around.