Nick Palladino-King is a Marina native, literally since conception. His parents even met on Union St. for their first date because Nick's mom is an OG Marina girl. After traveling the world for years to teach and study, coming back to the Marina for Nick is like a salmon returning home to complete its natural cycle.

When Nick is not hanging out in the Marina he spends his time inspiring others to live healthier and bigger lives through life coaching, yoga, and personal training. Nick is known to many around San Francisco as "The Big Yogi” due to his size and general perspective on life.  Dedicating himself to a higher cause is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Nick’s goal and approach for the 2017 Mr. Marina contest is to have fun, build relationships, create awareness, and raise hella money for LLS. Nick also wants to show that there is a new generation of Marina guy out there- ones who are successful, mindful, mature, and dedicated to causes more important than themselves. But they still like to brunch hard and bro out because it's all about balance right?