San Francisco born and bred, Mario Flaherty has devoted much of his young adult life to raising awareness about the Marina and informing all who will listen on best steps to keeping the gentle ecosystem preserved.

Holding two Undergraduate Degrees and his Masters, Mario Flaherty puts his education to the test by visiting local watering holes such as The Tipsy Pig, Brickyard, Brixton, and so many more and informing impressionable minds on matters like: why not to have glass in fort mason, Bar None - is that really your best option? Who really has BOTTOMLESS mimosas and all matters about useless but fun San Francisco facts.

Mario Flaherty's passions include fitness, community, and bro-ing down.  For his day job, you can visit him at Barry’s Bootcamp or see him transform lives through fitness as a personal trainer.  As an ex collegiate and professional basketball player, fitness has always been near and dear to his heart and his philosophy helps his clients not only look and feel their best but, realize that fitness is not all about how you look in the Chubbies shorts on the outside but, about how you feel about the length of the Chubbies shorts you will be wearing.

In final - Mario’s intentions for this years Mr. Marina contest is to have fun, live in the moment, meet amazing people and leverage new friendships but also to raise money for an amazing cause, and help people realize that although this is an amazing event you can be kind, gracious, giving and forgiving without a cause as well.