The All American Boy. He was born for this.

Human version of a Golden Retriever. He was bred for this.

Meet JP Carroll, a competitively philanthropic bro destined for man pageant greatness. Born in Philadelphia, JP brings a tough, yet brotherly, love into this year’s Mr. Marina competition. Since moving to San Francisco JP has been crushing brunch, running the park scene, and absolutely murdering the dance floor. He works in Tech (surprise surprise) at Apple as a Procurement Business Manager, but that’s not what his business cards will tell you... Ask him what the best day of his life is and he’ll tell you “Today…. ya know, until tomorrow.” Life is simple for JP; It’s all about making people smile. The only thing he loves more is fighting the battle against blood cancer. He has extremely lofty goals for fundraising efforts this year, and is going to need YOUR help to achieve it. So put on a smile and rock those donation caps, it’s time to help this Marina Man fight the good fight.