As time continues to mash the world's experiences into the fabric of human consciousness, the natural evolution of mankind produces specimens more and more impressive with each new generation. 

Now, the time has finally come when the Marina bro has evolved. 

Paired with all the virtues of the classic marina boy like working in tech, eating only egg whites for breakfast and wearing a snapback peckerhead hat, Joshua supplements his life with the thirst for knowledge and self-exploration by participating in scientific and psychological community projects. This helps him maintain a straight moral compass and vivacious outlook while navigating the marina lifestyle with panache and integrity that spreads to the people around him. 

This makes Josh a prime candidate to compete in the Mr. Marina competition in 2017. This competition is supposed to be fun, yes... however it's mostly about raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). This coming from Josh himself: 

"It's hard to believe, that at the young age of 28, I already have a handful of friends [my age] that has been affected by cancer. I have a hard time coping with how lucky I am versus these friends, as they are some of the kindest, and warm-hearted individuals I've ever met. This appreciation, paired with feeling powerless to help my closest friends, eventually evolved into a desire to help. I'm extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to their well-being in such a fun way through the Mr. Marina Competition."

You can help Josh and the Mr. Marina cause with your donations going to the LLS to find the cure for blood cancer. Please donate below. All contributions are greatly appreciated. 

Also, please follow Josh's campaign at for fun fundraising events in the near future and become a part of the cause!