A wise man once said, “give a man a bro and he will chill for a day, teach a man to bro and he will chill for a lifetime.” 

Born right down the street from Johnny Cash’s house in Nashville, Hunter was raised by a musician and a chemist and somehow became a funny combo of the two of them. One taught him to try everything at least twice, while the other taught him to wake up every morning ready to bite the ass off an angry bear.  Sometimes this confluence gets him into trouble. Often it gets him into fun.

When Hunter was six, he wanted to be a dinosaur. Then a rockstar. Then a comedian. After failing spectacularly at all three, he now works as a Strategery Guy at your local neighborhood tech company which basically means he gets to goof off with people smarter than him and play with new gadgets. Outside the office, you can find him throwing around a football with his fellow bromo sapiens at Fort Mason, watching The Warriors win at Palm House or trying to make funny noises out of his face. Cheap beer, expensive whiskey, cigars and a set of laughs are what he calls a Good Friday. 

Above all, he's very excited this year to fund raise with an incredible group of gentlemen for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. His mom courageously fought with cancer recently and he looks forward to raising awareness and putting a dent back into the disease with all of your help in the coming months.